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Technical Assurance

EDG Australia’s technical assurance and consulting expertise draws upon its deep technical expertise honed over almost four decades for clients in numerous markets and geographies.

At EDG we recognize that technical assurance is pivotal in achieving our own strategic objectives as well as supporting our clients to achieve theirs. Our data driven management systems underpin process safety, integrity, compliance and assurance across the asset lifecycle. Our organisational design encourages ingenuity and accountability for technical outcomes, usually within a highly collaborative team environment with our clients.

We have implemented a robust continuous improvement program in accordance with our ANZ/AU ISO:9001 Quality, ISO:14001 Environment and ISO: 45001Occupational Health & Safety accreditation and are able to track multiple, client defined key performance indicators across our portfolio of projects. Analytical feedback from our management systems highlights areas of both excellence and improvement and a targeted approach to increased efficiency. Our management methodology has allowed us to institutionalise our project execution strategies and maximise returns to our clients.

Character; our point of difference

EDG Australia is an engineering, design and consulting company defined by character. Customers’ challenges provide purpose in all that we do. Our commitment to exceptional customer services means that more often than not we work in partnership to solve complex challenges and co-create solutions. We commit to doing business with the highest of ethical standards creating enduring relationships with clients, partners, stakeholders, and with the communities in which we operate.

Our heritage is founded on deep technical capability; we apply engineering experience, design creativity and deep industry knowledge to our customers’ projects. Through our unique know-how and intrinsic expertise, we challenge established norms and practices to create better outcomes. We have a collaborative style that engenders trust, rewards innovation and generates repeat business.

As individuals, and as a business, we will give generously of our time, talent, and resources in acknowledgement of the stewardship role we play in the world.

EDG offices, London House

How we deliver

EDG has substantial expertise throughout the asset life cycle: from outlining scope to a realistic expectation, monitoring the status of the scope and to closing out the project. EDG will provide a strong focus on analysing and evaluating all the elements involved and assessing how they will affect the project delivery.


  • Audit and review of project cost plans
  • Project cost control and reporting
  • Value engineering facilitation
  • Cost risk analysis
  • Data consolidation
  • Change control
  • System integration
  • Technical Assurance
  • Compliance

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