Project Development and Advisory

EDG Australia’s Project Development and Advisory group seeks to assist our clients’ understanding of their projects and enable their progression from inception to sanction through being able to identify, analyse, evaluate, and then action, decisions of consequence. In depth understanding covering the full breadth of the global and regional energy industry, coupled with abilities to rapidly frame, analyse, benchmark and develop projects allows EDG Australia to provide unique insight into our clients’ projects and assist them within their organisations, ventures and partnerships and with their external stakeholders.

Increasingly over the past decade, project execution has come to the fore as one of the largest determinants of project success. Front end development that understands the impact of significant decisions made early in the project on project structure, design, execution strategy, schedule and commercial and contracting strategies, is essential to protect and realise venture participants’ opportunity value. Through utilising a multi-disciplined, systems engineering approach that includes a thorough understanding of the interaction between surface and subsurface technical disciplines, coupled with significant “real world” experience in project execution, procurement, contracting, financial and commercial areas, EDG Australia provides a holistic approach to project development and full project lifecycle risk management.

Where our clients need rapid, in depth and knowledgeable insight into their project, or where they need to confidently progress their projects through to sanction, EDG Australia’s Project Development and Advisory group is ready to assist.

Character; our point of difference

EDG Australia is an engineering, design and consulting company defined by character. Customers’ challenges provide purpose in all that we do. Our commitment to exceptional customer services means that more often than not we work in partnership to solve complex challenges and co-create solutions. We commit to doing business with the highest of ethical standards creating enduring relationships with clients, partners, stakeholders, and with the communities in which we operate.

Our heritage is founded on deep technical capability; we apply engineering experience, design creativity and deep industry knowledge to our customers’ projects. Through our unique know-how and intrinsic expertise, we challenge established norms and practices to create better outcomes. We have a collaborative style that engenders trust, rewards innovation and generates repeat business.

As individuals, and as a business, we will give generously of our time, talent, and resources in acknowledgement of the stewardship role we play in the world.

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How we deliver

As an employee owned and independent advisory firm we are well placed to support a wide range of project delivery contracting strategies across the asset lifecycle, and in the industries and sectors we serve. Our project management applications, systems and tools are field proven and aligned to established professional bodies such as APM, PMI and AIPM. We have developed an easily configurable in-house project management, project control and information management system based on Microsoft Azure technology. We extend this system to our client’s organisation to drive efficient and effective work flows and real time reporting.

This combination of technical expertise, management skills and enabling technology forms the foundation of our approach to:

  • Economic assessment;
  • Project development planning;
  • Cost estimation;
  • Contract management and administration;
  • Feasibility and conceptual design.

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