EDG offices, London House

Design and Information Management

EDG Australia’s design and information management expertise has been developed over many years through the adoption, and integration, of industry leading enabling technologies. We have successfully leveraged our technical proficiency in support of digital twins / living digital assets, and our innovative use of deep domain knowledge has allowed us to excel in value project delivery across multiple industry sectors independent of geographical location, technology application or format.

We have adopted many agile principles and a collaborative approach to design, maintainability and constructability that bring to life customer concepts across the entire asset lifecycle. Our data rich models accurately visualise projects in real time allowing for early interventions to eliminate costly re-work and schedule delay.

Whether it’s a complex Greenfield project or straightforward Brownfield modification, EDG has the bandwidth, systems, skills and capabilities to deliver your entire design and information management project. We will help you navigate your way through complex data streams, converting them into intelligent and context-rich models that optimise your capital expenditure.

Character; our point of difference

EDG Australia is an engineering, design and consulting company defined by character. Customers’ challenges provide purpose in all that we do. Our commitment to exceptional customer services means that more often than not we work in partnership to solve complex challenges and co-create solutions. We commit to doing business with the highest of ethical standards creating enduring relationships with clients, partners, stakeholders, and with the communities in which we operate.

Our heritage is founded on deep technical capability; we apply engineering experience, design creativity and deep industry knowledge to our customers’ projects. Through our unique know-how and intrinsic expertise, we challenge established norms and practices to create better outcomes. We have a collaborative style that engenders trust, rewards innovation and generates repeat business.

As individuals, and as a business, we will give generously of our time, talent, and resources in acknowledgement of the stewardship role we play in the world.

EDG offices, London House
EDG offices, London House

How we deliver

With EDG you gain instant access to over 100 modelling, detailing and digital engineering professionals worldwide, comprising an unparalleled blend of highly-skilled experts and low-cost resources.

Digital engineering involves managing the digital asset from initial scoping, right through to the end of the asset lifecycle. This goes beyond simply creating 3D models. It’s an approach that integrates data and model structures by leveraging multiple primary information sources to facilitate project collaboration, clarify decision-making and, ultimately, streamline project delivery.


Our workflows add value at every stage of the digital asset’s lifecycle, from initial capture and 3D visualization, to holistic management and integration of the digital asset.

Through our custom-designed governing processes and workflows, EDG manages all model input, use and development—steps that are integral to maintaining the model as a single point of truth.

Our collection of defined model uses, workflows and modelling methods ensures specific, repeatable and reliable outputs from the model. The result is a digital asset that accurately reflects the facility to be built and/or managed.

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