Asset Performance Management

EDG-Nihar has extensive knowledge and experience in asset performance optimisation and data analytics. We standardise and benchmark asset performance and set criteria to measure performance that delivers a range of benefits to our clients, namely:

  • Optimal asset utilisation;
  • Reduced maintenance and spare parts;
  • Increased availability and uptime;
  • Reduced risk;
  • Enhanced profitability and return-on-investment

Reliability Analysis and Planning

Nihar works with its clients to identify key performance indicators and define the criticality of assets based on their impact on safety, regulatory compliance, spare part costs, unplanned failure costs and future production requirements.

Our service also includes:

Reviewing and rebuilding site appropriate maintenance plans with the optimal balance of condition-based maintenance or risk-based inspection (RBI), preventive maintenance (PM), precision maintenance and breakdown maintenance.

Regular review of failure analysis and incidents and giving data and feedback to plant maintenance to prevent recurrence
Reliability program development and implementation.

Use of data analytics to identify maintenance frequencies and eliminate downtime, shorten repair time and improve the overall health of assets.

Asset Condition Monitoring and Analysis

Condition monitoring helps diagnose and forecast hidden defects in equipment and avoid unforeseen failures. Condition-based maintenance helps.

We can develop condition-based maintenance programs to improve the useful life of the asset and optimise safety, quality and high production rates. Programs include vibration and lubrication plans, diagnosis and troubleshooting of critical faults with rotating and static equipment, and Fit-For-Service (FFS) evaluations.


Asset Maintenance Implementation

We can identify and implement optimal maintenance requirements, do system/equipment-specific PM optimisation reviews, and develop maintenance work order planning, resource estimation, scheduling and activity tracking.

Risk Management

We carry out qualitative and quantitative risk assessments using FMEA, FMECA, FTA, RBD, HAZOP, LOPA.

This includes bottom-up/top-down analysis, inductive and deductive techniques, and dependencies modelling.

Process Control & Optimisation

We can perform de-bottlenecking to identify process upsets and optimise them to improve throughput.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

We carry out RBI analysis and implementation, safety integrity Level (SIL) analysis and implementation, develop regulatory standards, and undertake performance standard reviews that ensure control measures achieve their key performance requirements.

Detail, delivery, quality matters

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for asset maintenance and management solutions. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and consistent high-quality project delivery.

We operate a flexible service delivery model using onsite, offsite and overseas resources as required. Our agility allows us to embed ourselves within client systems, adapt to industry trends and rapidly adopt and implement new technologies and tools.

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, the delivery of our agreed commitments is paramount and fundamental to our business.

Our suite of services can be provided as discrete point solutions or as fully integrated solutions dependent on client requirements.

Collectively, our team has expert knowledge

  • Iron ore
  • Alumina
  • Gas plants and oil refineries
  • Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), including SAP
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Rail

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